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My Cherry Amour, Affordable Deals That We Adore!

cherry prepaid in cebu

My kaCHER ka ba? You heard it right the first time. This is not a typo. KaCHER is someone with a Cherry Prepaid number that you are in contact with. And who knows, that kaCHER may become your kaCHAR and… Read more >

How to Know if You Have a Thyroid Problem (Hint: They Can Be Sneaky)

Did you know that people in the province area thought cabbage caused their goiter? This is one of interesting myths that Dr. April Melody Abcede shared at the Unmasking your Thyroid Blogger event held at the Radisson Blu Hotel last… Read more >

Camp Sawi: A Place Where Broken Hearts Can Mend (or Die Trying!)

Where do broken hearts go? In Antoinette Jadaone’s movie, “That Thing Called Tadhana,” jilted Mace and Anthony went to Baguio. In Joyce E. Bernal’s new movie however, the unlucky in love went to “Camp Sawi.” This fictional place (set in… Read more >

Zootopia is One Big, Entertaining Hustle!


There’s little buzz about Zootopia and I think I know why. One, it was probably upstaged by a wisecracking merc in a red suit, whose movie was showing at the same time. Two, most people probably thought it was probably… Read more >

All You Need is Pag-ibig is Confidently Fluff with a Heart

At last year’s MMFF (Metro Manila Film Fest) run, the only movie I watched was English Only Please. It made me an instant fan of Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone’s directing and screenwriting tandem. When I found out that their… Read more >

Cine Europa 18: Coming of Age Part 2

Were you able to catch a movie from yesterday’s lineup? I wasn’t able to but hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a movie or two from today’s interesting list.   Movie Schedule for Saturday, October 10   ROMANIA Live  … Read more >

Cine Europa 18: Coming of Age Part 1

Next to the Japanese Film Festival, Cine Europa is my favorite foreign film fest. The European Film Festival boasts of the most number of movies in its lineup. Now on its 18th year, Cine Europa features “Coming of Age” themed… Read more >

Cebu’s Movie Lineup for the 2015 Korean Film Festival

If the Japanese film festival holds my record of most number of movies watched, Korean film festival holds my record of least movies watched. It’s not for lack of love for Korean films. It’s more of Ayala being more accessible… Read more >